HOLIDAY 2014 | something for everyone

With the Introduction of SMILING TREE HOME, Smiling Tree literally has something for everyone. From newborns just introduced into the world, to their great-grandparents, we've got you covered. Read on for our suggestions for everyone on your list!

Smiling Tree Toys 2014 Holiday Gift Guide | something for everyone

NEWBORNS :: Smiling Tree BIRTH BLOCKS are an heirloom keepsake to commemorate baby's introduction into the world. Engraved on six sides, you can include all the details of your baby's birth: name, weight, height, date, time, and location. Choose from three unique graphics to let baby know just how special they are. This personalized gift will be treasured by baby for years to come.

BABIES :: New LITTLE CRITTER RATTLES are perfect for babies beginning to explore the world around them. Stimulate their senses with these adorable animal face and shapes, gentle rattling sound, and safe for teething babies too! Rattles can be personalized as well to make it a unique gift just for baby!

TODDLERS :: Toddlers are notoriously independent...or at least they try to be! Why not encourage it with a beautiful, personalized STEP STOOL? Handcrafted from sustainable hardwoods, the step stool is the perfect size for little ones to reach the bathroom sink, or the cookie jar! ANIMAL ALPHABET BLOCKS are a great option as well for those just learning their ABC's. Each block has both an upper and lowercase letter, a cute corresponding animal, and the name of the animal spelled out. These can also be personalized as well!

PRESCHOOL :: Our new XYLOPHONE is expertly made from American hardwoods, assembled without glue, and finished with our very own organic oil blend. Your child will love composing their very own musical numbers on this beautiful instrument! MAGIC WAND is the perfect stocking stuffer for your little princess! Let her imagination run free and see what spells she casts as a fairy princess, a wizard, or even a witch! Foster the development of gross motor skills with the Smiling Tree LACING + TRACING SET. Your child will learn shapes, words, numbers, and is an excellent first step in learning how to tie their own shoes.

ELEMENTARY :: ZIPPER PULLS are an excellent way to personalize your child's coat, book bag, or anything with a zipper! The front of each zipper pull features a capitalized letter and corresponding animal. The back can be personalized with child's name or other contact information. This also helps children that struggle with zippers, too. SMILING MOON BALANCER is a fun and education toy that teaches children basic physics principles. Once your child thinks they have it mastered, they can make it even more challenging by balancing different patterns on the smiling moon. Excellent conversation piece for adults, too.

PRETEENS+ :: Our custom, handcrafted ORNAMENTS are a gift that will be loved each holiday season. Make a tradition out of it and get them one each year! They will enjoy adding to their collection and looking back at the memories of each one.

MOM/AUNT/FRIEND :: Every mom's kitchen needs a CUTTING BOARD, make it a beautifully handcrafted piece they will love pulling out each time they get cooking! With many styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that will make her heart sing.

DAD/UNCLE/FRIEND :: Don't worry, we didn't leave out the men in our new SMILING TREE HOME line! Our new BAR BOARDS make an ideal gift for the mancave! For the man the loves hosting the neighborhood Super Bowl party, to the ones that just appreciate a fully equipped wet bar, and everything in between. Perfectly sized for the camper or RV for your favorite outdoorsman, too!

GRANDMA :: Everyone knows grandma makes the best goodies, and she deserves the best utensils too! Grandma will love having the grandkids over to help whip up some tasty meals with the beautiful SPATULA they gave her.

GRANDPA :: Grandparents love playing games with their grandkids, so why not get them a beautiful ANIMAL DOMINOES for the next time they visit? Cherished time with grandchildren....nothing is better than that.

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