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Above all, your COMPLETE SATISFACTION is our number one priority. Please know we will always deliver high-quality, expertly crafted items. And we'll do everything we can to ensure you're happy with your purchase AND your Smiling Tree shopping experience.

By purchasing, you agree to the following terms:

+ YOUR ITEM WILL HAVE ITS OWN UNIQUE WOOD COLOR, GRAIN PATTERNS, AND NATURAL STREAKING. THE TEXT AND DESIGNS ENGRAVED ON YOUR ITEM MAY BE SLIGHTLY LIGHTER OR DARKER THAN THE EXAMPLES PICTURED, DEPENDING ON THE INDIVIDUAL PIECE OF WOOD. We maintain extremely high standards and attention to detail when it comes to each of these factors, so rest assured you will receive an excellent product that has passed our careful inspection.  We cannot, however, issue refunds due to any of these naturally occurring variations. We hope you'll appreciate the unique beauty and traits of your items as much as we do!

+ All custom orders and sale items are FINAL. Sorry, no exceptions.

+ For non-personalized items, we carefully consider returns/refunds on a CASE-BY-CASE BASIS. Contact us for questions.

+ We CANNOT be held responsible for items lost, damaged, or delayed in transit.

+ We CANNOT under any circumstances guarantee delivery dates. The best we can do is tell you approximate delivery times, so that you can decide for yourself whether an item will reach you by a certain date.

We work with three American grown hardwoods: maple (light blond), cherry (medium reddish) and walnut (dark brown). Learn more about their unique traits so you can choose the one that's best for you:

+ MAPLE (light blond in color) is the hardest, most dense of our hardwoods. This makes it the optimal wood for cutting on. Maple's light color also means that the designs and text engraved on this wood contrast well and are easy to see and read.

+ CHERRY (medium reddish) is one of the most popular woods due to its gorgeous coloring. The designs and text engraved onto cherry also show up well.  It is very common for cherry wood to have a fair amount of natural streaking and dark flecking in the grain. Items made from cherry are often not 100% "clear" but rather have various degrees of darker streaks/flecks throughout the wood.

+ WALNUT (dark brown) is prized for its deep, rich natural color. A wide range of coloring (from light browns to very rich, deep browns) is common in this wood. Generally speaking, the designs and text engraved on walnut items do NOT contrast or show up as well as they do on maple and cherry woods.

+ ALL of our hardwoods are FSC certified, meaning they have been grown and harvested in a sustainable manner, as approved by the Forest Stewardship Council.

+ ALL of our hardwoods are non-splintering and rank very high on the hardness scale; they are ideal for use in the kitchen and as cutting surfaces.

All of our cutting boards come finished with a blend of food-safe mineral oil and local beeswax. Hand wash only, do not submerge in water. To maintain the board's longevity and appearance, use the back for cutting and reserve the front for display. Refinish with mineral oil or another food-grade oil as needed.