"I remember those days...they grow up too fast."  When you've got young children, you hear these words so often from parents, grandparents, even strangers. Why? Because IT'S TRUE.  So make the most of those fleeting, formative first years. Give them love, affection, and undivided attention.  Create spaces that encourage imagination and exploration. Offer timeless, well-made toys that inspire learning through play. And when "these days" have passed, you and your child will savor the memories and the special keepsakes attached to them. We're here to ensure those keepsakes are nothing but the best: personal, safe, and natural heirloom toys and decor pieces they'll treasure for years to come.


Happy Easter and Hippity Hop Spring wall banners decor Smiling Tree Toys

Half-off bunting(S!) of the month

We're so excited for Spring to have arrived that we discounted both our Easter-themed buntings half off! "Happy Easter" fits with the more traditional home decor, while "Hippity Hop" adds a fun whimsical touch to your walls celebrating Easter! Both are 50% off throughout the month of April, so grab yours now!

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