keepsake wood toys for families that love the earth.

"Kids don't need all the things. Let's give them meaningful, long-lasting toys that encourage creativity, create lifelong memories, and green the earth."

-Justin + Kathleen, owners and toymakers

heart centered

Childhood is short. We'll help you make it meaningful, memorable, and fun.

earth focused

We're planting trees and greening the earth for all kids to come.

purpose driven

We believe in conscious consumption and choosing heirloom gifts to last a lifetime

free coloring book

download our free A-Z animal alphabet coloring book: 26 coloring pages plus 3 ways to use for homeschool learning

20 ways to keep kids learning while working from home

The kids are home, but their learning and your work must go on. These 20 simple activities will ensure your kids learn while you work.

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