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NEW | Wooden Xylophone

 personalized wooden xylophone
{UPDATE: We no longer make our wooden xylophone toy, as it proved too difficult to handcraft each wooden key to make the perfect sounding note.  Check out our full line of wood toys for toddlers here.}

Get ready for singing, dancing, and all around musical fun! Our handcrafted, heirloom quality wooden xylophone is a favorite at our house! Expertly made from American hardwoods, assembled without glue, and finished with our organic oil blend, this is a meaningful and lasting gift for any little one.
price // $54.00, add $6 to personalize the base
dimensions // 9.25" long x 7.25" wide x 2.25" tall. Mallet is 6.5" long.
HEAR IT IN ACTION: check out this short video

While our xylophone makes wonderfully musical sounds, it's not in tune to any key, nor is it intended to be a real musical instrument. Just the same, though, your little one will love it! 
personalized wooden xylophone
Because we handcraft and assemble each xylophone one at a time, the exact musical tones and wood color/grains will vary from piece-to-piece.   You'll receive a truly unique, heirloom quality treasure. Such is the natural beauty and diversity of Mother Nature! 
personalized wooden xylophone
Love it?  Get it here!

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