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by Justin and Kathleen Smith April 07, 2014

Our signature toy, Smiling Tree's Smiling Moon balancer, is featured in this month's edition of Lake and Home magazine.  Yay! 
Wildly popular as a toy for little ones, this feature highlights the balancer's additional appeal as home decor: eye-catching on a corner shelf, a conversational coffee table piece, or a fun go-to game at the family cabin - this is pure and simple fun for young and old alike. 

Expertly handcrafted from three American grown hardwoods, hand sanded to perfection, and finished with our homegrown organic finish - a true eco-heirloom for any family!  
This 15-piece set sells for $39 with options to personalize. Love it? Get it here

View the full article at Lake and Home Magazine.


Justin and Kathleen Smith
Justin and Kathleen Smith


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