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GIVING BACK | Moringa tree project (Madagascar, East Africa)

We've once again donated to our latest Peace Corps Partnership Project, this time to help plant moringa trees in Madagascar, East Africa.

The leaves of the moringa tree can be steamed and eaten like spinach, and they're packed full of vitamins and nutrients. They're an especially hearty and healthy source of food for malnourished children. (Learn more about moringa trees.)  We helped plant and teach our community about moringa trees during our Peace Corps service in Niger, West Africa (2008-2010).  

We'll keep you updated with project pictures and updates as we receive them from the volunteer heading the project.  Until then, here are just a few pictures of the moringa tree nurseries we helped establish in our Nigerien village.

filling bags with sand to plant moringa seeds in

filling bags with sand and compost - we'll plant moringa seeds in them


watering them often - especially in the hot desert 

they're growing!


spreading wood ashes on our seedlings to protect them from insects


moringa trees for sale to transplant in people's yards and fields!
(all proceeds raised went to the public school)






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