NEW ITEM | animal alphabet blocks

Handcrafted Animal Alphabet Blocks

Introducing ANIMAL ALPHABET BLOCKS, the latest addition to our collection of alphabet & number blocks!

Handcrafted Animal Alphabet Blocks from Smiling Tree Toys

Educational, cute, and FUN! Your child will fall in love with every one of these 26 animals... from aardvark to zebra! These blocks are handcrafted from solid maple and finished with our own blend of organic oil and beeswax. They are engraved on two sides, with the option to personalize sides 3 and 4 to make it a truly unique gift for your child. Include baby's name or get really creative and personalize up to 5 blocks with family members names as well!

Animal Alphabet Blocks Handcrafted by Smiling Tree Toys

Blocks are 1.5" square and are safe for children of all ages, even teething little ones. Find them HERE!