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DIY Kids Craft | Watercolor Valentine Bunting

Januarys in Minnesota can get long, so it's important for us to keep busy indoors if it's too cold to get outside and play. 

My daughter has a thing for the arts. She loves coloring, crafting, and especially painting! So yesterday, after addressing all her valentines, we decided to do a little art project to decorate for the holiday: watercolor bunting!

The process was simple. All you need are some watercolors, paper, card stock, crayons, and ribbon.

DIY Valentines Bunting Watercolor Craft

First, I cut triangles out of the card stock and traced them on the paper. We decided the bunting should say "Be ♥ Mine", so I needed seven triangles. We drew one letter/character on each triangle in white crayon, then started painting!

DIY Valentines Bunting Watercolor Craft

I asked Ezri what colors we should use to decorate for Valentine's Day, and after the usual pink, red, and purple she threw in some blues, greens, and yellows too! I think the variety turned out great; colorful, just like her!

DIY Valentines Bunting Watercolor Craft

After the masterpieces dried, we cut each triangle and glued them to a piece of card stock. We used a paper punch to put holes in the tops of each triangle, and finally strung it together using a piece of ribbon. Done!

DIY Valentines Bunting Watercolor Craft  DIY Valentines Bunting Watercolor Craft
Ezri admiring her work.

DIY Valentines Bunting Watercolor Craft
The final result! A beautiful handmade decoration for Valentine's Day!

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