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3 Must-Have Items to Stay Organized with Kids

Here at Smiling Tree Toys, we're all about creating lifelong childhood memories, with a "less is more" approach to all the physical things in our kids lives. That's why my husband Justin and I create keepsake all-natural wooden toys that will last through childhood and far beyond.

But, let's be real. When you have children in your home, no matter how intentional you are with keeping the physical stuff to a minimum, it's just not easy. It's a constant uphill battle to both get organized and stay organized. With that in mind, I share my three favorite items from our product line that I especially love as a mom to get and stay organized at home with kids.

Wooden Coat Hooks

Our personalized Wooden Coat Hooks are great for the mudroom or entryway. They are made of solid, sustainably-sourced hardwood, are sturdy, and have an extra long peg to hold all your child's things — coats, backpacks, and yes, even winter gear.

Personalized Wooden Coat Hooks

Add a monogram letter and engraved name for each child to have their very own space for their things. These Wooden Coat Hooks are super easy to hang in less than a minute. Bonus: the simple design makes them great for parents to have their own, too!

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Zipper Charms

Personalized Zipper Charms

Our personalized Zipper Pulls have a monogram letter from our Animal Alphabet on the front, and the engraving of your choice on the back. Zipper Charms are great for things that head out the door with your child in the morning, and you want to be sure make it back home at the end of the day. I love them for backpacks, sweatshirts, and lunch boxes that are heading off to school or daycare. 

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Toy Crates

Personalized Wooden Toy Crate

Our monogrammed Toy Crates are great for keeping wood blocks or other multi-piece toy sets all in one place. As with most of our toys and gifts, Toy Crates can be personalized with your child's name, or even your family's last name too. These crates have handles on each end that are just the right size for a preschooler or even a toddler to carry around on their own.

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Better Organization = More Family Time

I have found that every little step I take in being more organized at home gives me a little more time with my kids to play, read, cook, explore.... Those are moments we as parents can never get enough of. 

I hope you've found this helpful, and thanks for following us along on our mission to green the earth and plant trees for all kids to come.

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