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6 Must Haves Items For Your Eco-Friendly Nursery

As you may know, mama, nurseries are where our babies spend most of their time during the first few years of their lives.

The nursery you put together for them is what they will absorb the most from. I’m talking about what they see, what they hear and even what they touch and smell.

Taking the time to create a nursery that is safe and natural for your baby is an important step to working towards raising your child naturally (and a liiiiitle bit crunchy).

I’ve compiled some of the most important components of a nursery and some of the best places to find them from eco-friendly manufacturers.

Because it is so important to fill your baby’s nursery with sustainable and safe pieces to help them grow up healthy, balanced, and well-nurtured.

6 Must Have Items For Your Eco-Conscious Nursery

Spell Well Name Puzzle personalized educational wooden toy gift for one year old nursery decory baby shower @kerricolfer Smiling Tree Toys.jpg


I know everyone is always gung-ho about cribs, but let’s get real. The bassinet is where your baby will arguably spend the most time. You know… When they aren’t cuddled up in your arms!

As a mom of four, trust me when I say you’re going to want a bassinet that’s easy to move around and still a haven for your newborn.



Micuna has incredible (and eco-friendly) products. Each bassinet is hand-manufactured and they even incorporate breathable mesh around the outline to allow warm, natural light to flow in. Plus, it makes it easier for you to always monitor your bundle of joy.

We recommend you check out the fan favorite Micuna’s Smart Luce bassinet as a starting place!


If you’re looking for something super functional AND pleasing to the eye, you should get your hands on a woven changing basket. These are a handy necessity to have (not just in the nursery), but around the house too!


It pays to be ready for these sometimes stinky situations in a safe, eco-friendly way.


Plum and Sparrow sells changing baskets made of natural materials (primarily wheatgrass) that are beautiful enough to double as a table ornament around your home when not in use.


Babies need some skin care, too! Did you know that babies are more susceptible to rashes from harsh products, eczema, and just all around any irritation because of the baby soft freshness of their skin?

Chemicals, fragrances, dyes, etc. can all cause issues with your baby’s skin. Plus, they’re super gross.

Natural skin care products can help keep your baby’s skin as smooth and healthy!


Weleda is a natural and holistic company that has a line of products specifically made for baby skin. They make their products from plants and gentle botanical chemicals that are safe to use on fragile skin. It is safe and dermatologically recommended for nourishing developing skin. The skin is the largest organ in your body your entire life, so you definitely want to start it off right for your baby.

Keep Weleda products within reach in your baby’s nursery for a quick fix or gentle soothing rub.


When it comes to natural and safe toys for your babies, wood over plastic is the way to go.

Wooden toys are more durable, produce less waste, are biodegradable, and are much safer for your babies because they do not contain all the chemicals plastic toys do.

If you’re looking to shop for wooden, eco-friendly toys then we’d love for you to start with us! We have toys of all types, shapes, and sizes that are both fun for your babies and educational.

Spell Well Name Puzzle Basic Shapes Puzzle Lacing and Tracing Set educational wood toys for babies and toddlers birthday gifts for one year olds @thisismamabritt Smiling Tree Toys.JPG

As a bonus, we have toys for many age levels as your child grows.

You’ll want your nursery full of them! To find some wooden baby toys you make like, click here.

Wanna go one step further and get your family and friends in on contributing to your eco-conscious nursery?  Grab our free guide on How to (politely) Request Plastic-Free Toys.


Basics Linen Ring Sling - Flax - Standard - 75" Sakura Bloom

A lesser thought of nursery staple is a sling, which you’ll want merely for hands-free convenience! Sakura Bloom is an eco-friendly company that uses materials that are soft and safe on the skin.

They have a ton of cute and functional items, including ring slings that are designed to keep you comfortable and your baby secure.


Did you know that 24,700,000,000 diapers end up in landfills each year? And just for the disposable diapers U.S. babies will wear, over 200,000 trees are cut down every year.

Yep. These are not exaggerations.

And while we plant a tree for every toy purchased at STT, we can’t combat the amount of trees being cut down annually!


The best option out there is reusable cloth diapers because there’s absolutely no waste associated with them. You won’t throw them out! They’re also very smooth on the skin, and have some neat designs.

Luludew is a high-quality shop to purchase reusable cloth diapers, so if you don’t mind the upfront investment (which leads to more savings down the road for you AND the earth), then you should definitely make the switch to reusable diapers.

If you’re looking for more ways to embrace your crunchiness, check out 5 Brands You Should Have On Your Baby Registry.

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