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Four Natural Teething Remedies That Actually Work

{Hey mama, if your fussy teether won't let you read our teething tips right now - ironic, right? - don't stress. Just pin it for later!}

Ready to restore sanity to your house? These safe, all-natural baby teething remedies really work to ease teething pain for good. And let’s face it, when our babies are in pain… We’re in pain because they’re screaming, crying, and a fussy mess!

Teething generally happens between 4 and 7 months, and the signs of discomfort can vary. If you’re new to this whole motherhood thing, I’ll pop some signs of teething below so you can self-assess if it’s time to implement some natural teething remedies into your daily routine.

Here are five common symptoms of teething:

  • Needing to Gnaw - Here’s the thing, babies often want to chomp on things to relieve the pressure of an emerging tooth. So by instinct they may start gnawing on their hands or anything else they can grab. 
  • Swollen or puffy gums - Typically, before a new tooth erupts, your baby’s gums will be red, swollen, and bruised looking in that area. Sometimes the gum will bulge with the emerging tooth (which you should be able to see faintly).
  • Fussiness - Ever had a toothache? Yeah, it hurts. Even the happiest of babies can become irritable and fussy when their teeth are coming in.
  • Drool… Drool everywhere - Excessive drooling can come along with teething. If you notice your little one’s bib or outfit is drenched, then they may be teething.
  • Ear tugging - Don’t get this one confused with symptoms of an ear infection. Ear tugging can simply be a symptom of teething, just be sure it’s alongside these other symptoms.

Four Natural Teething Remedies That Actually Work | Smiling Tree Toys

Since I’m a bit “crunchy”, I prioritize only natural teething remedies when my children go through this phase. As always, I’ve got you covered with my go to natural teething remedies that actually work. Let’s dive right into it!

Four natural teething remedies that actually work:


applying pressure teething remedy | Smiling Tree Toys

This is one of the oldest natural teething remedies in the book. Using cold and pressure to help your baby’s aching gums is an oldy, but goodie. We recommend giving your baby safe, non-toxic objects that can be frozen and then used to chew on. The cold will help numb your baby’s gums and the pressure from gnawing soothes inflammation.

Here are some examples:

  • Frozen fruits or veggies: Put some frozen fruits or veggies in a mesh or silicone feeder for small babies and freeze them for at least an hour. If your baby is older, put a banana in the freezer for a tasty snack!
  • Frozen washcloths: Got a washcloth on hand? Soak it in water, wring out, then freeze for at least an hour. Let your baby chew on the washcloth after it comes out of the freezer.
  • Cold spoon: This one is super simple and quick. Simply put a metal spoon in the fridge for at least 15 minutes, then give it to your baby to gum.


wooden-teether | Smiling Tree Toys

Teething isn't pretty, but our wooden teethers certainly are! We handcraft natural teething toys that are safe, useful, and beautiful. Choose from our signature A-Z alphabet teethersLocally Grown U.S. state teethers, and other unique shapes: all designed, individually handmade by our team of four, and shipped from our red barn wood shop on the Minnesota prairie.  

The finer details behind our teethers:

  • Our wood teethers are softly curved, easy to grasp, and hand sanded silky smooth.
  • They safely soothe sore gums and promote early hand-eye coordination.
  • Our wooden teething toys are naturally antibacterial, non-splintering, and non-toxic.
  • We use certified sustainably harvested maple wood.
  • Our teethers are completely natural (without any oils or finishes applied).
  • We plant a tree for every teether we sell! 

Smiling Tree Toy teethers are ideal first gifts to welcome your baby, and so very useful for 3 month olds and older. Tuck your child's personalized wooden teether into their memory box once they’re older for a keepsake they'll never forget!

But don’t take just our word for it, Kati T. loves them, too:

“We received our C is for Charlotte alphabet teether and absolutely love it! She not only loves to chew it but she looks adorable while doing so. The quality is also amazing. You can tell the time and care was taken when making it. Will definitely be buying more products!”


teething necklaces for mom - chewbeads

I know this probably isn't how you envisioned treating yourself to your next piece of jewelry, but a cute teething necklace for your baby that you wear could become one of your favorite accessories. Why? It’ll soothe your baby’s gums and help restore some sanity into your day.

Most teething necklaces made for moms are made of silicone and are great for those moments when your baby is sitting in your lap or in a baby carrier, because let’s face it… I know you wear your baby around everywhere. You’re crunchy like that! The cool thing about these teething necklaces is that it can also double as something for your baby to fiddle with while they nurse, so no more hair pulling!

Please avoid the necklaces that are made for babies to wear. They may look *adorable*, but keep in mind they may pose a strangulation or choking hazard.


chamomile tea teething remedy | Smiling Tree Toys

I love Chamomile as an herbal remedy because it helps relax and soothe irritability. A quick and easy way to use chamomile as an herbal remedy is by making tea and then pouring it over a washcloth. You’ll freeze the washcloth and then give it to your little one to chew on. However, you CAN also use it as a tea and give it your child in a bottle (once it cools down).


And, that’s it! Those are my go to all natural teething remedies for crunchy moms who want to embrace that all natural lifestyle. Do you have any other tried and true natural teething remedies for me to know? DM me on Instagram (@smilingtreetoys). I’d love to hear them!

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