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20 Ways To Keep Kids Learning While Working From Home

Suddenly homeschooling and  working from home? 

Phew, this is a tough one. With all the expectations and to-do's on our mom plates right now, it's the perfect storm for some major #momfail to seep into our heads. Let's not give in, friend.

Read on for 20 easy ways to ensure your kids are getting some degree of learning in while you get your work done. Most of these are free, a few involve products made in the USA by small businesses like ours, and yes, several involve screens and the internet. Because let's be realistic, here. Screens get us precious, distraction-free time.

But before you do that, make sure you download our FREE animal alphabet coloring book. It's fun for the whole family!

Choose one to use during your work session today, and quickly prep a few more for the days to come.


1. Fast-finger Playdough challenges

2. Sight word flashcards

3. Use moveable alphabet letters to recreate the sight word flashcards from above

wooden moveable alphabet letters for homeschooling

4. Play 

5. Collect toys around the house for a rainbow scavenger hunt

6. Primitive map drawing (prep the simple symbol sheets in advance)

7. Stream PBS Kids live

8. Puzzles (we love these; made in Germany but high quality!)

9. Art class with this ColorMe wall decal (have kids explore the color wheel while choosing their colors)

My Wonderful Walls colorme decal
10.  Listen to NPR's Brains On podcast

11. Gather nature items from your backyard (and create nature shadow boxes with them later) 

12. Phy ed class with GoNoodle video

13. Do a DailyLego challenge

14. Watch Sesame Street on YouTube

15. Take a virtual reality tour with Google's Expeditions App

16. Do a scavenger hunt with riddles

scavenger hunt riddles for keeping kids busy while working from home

17. Listen to Big Life Journal's Podcast

18. Pasta math practice

19. Music class with New York Philharmonic KidZone

20. Smiling Tree Toys' animal alphabet coloring book

free educational animal alphabet coloring book Smiling Tree Toys


free educational coloring book for kids by Smiling Tree Toys

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