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Becoming a Minimalist Mom

Making light of turning 30 and living that Midwest Life, Molly is a Mama to the sweetest blonde babe, Josephina (3). This lady enjoys weekly dates to the home improvement store with her dexterous hubby, Aaron, as they rejuvenate their 1950’s home.  She is a coffee and craft beer enthusiast & finds satisfaction in planners and list making.  Molly is currently finding balance in motherhood, work, health, & life. She believes in love. You can follow her on Instagram and read more from her on the Mankato Moms Blog.

It was after a very long winter and losing a close loved one that I started sorting out what is really important to me. My thought process included, “What do I value?” and “What do I want to teach my daughter?” I was in a constant hurry and was sick of dreading yes or no decisions. It was at this point in my life I found minimalism and became a Minimalist Mom.

I think people believe minimalism means getting rid of everything you own and having two outfits. Totally not the case. For me, minimalism was much more about clearing my head and learning how to say no. My clutter was more in my schedule and not having much free time. As an introvert, this was a game changer. I need to have my free time at home to just recharge and feel calm. Saying no takes practice. I say “no” to others so I can say “yes” to me and my family. I found that busyness is a choice you make, and it is not something to necessarily be proud of. Everyone’s priorities and levels of busy will look different: find your true priorities and schedule around them. My hectic schedule made me feel like I was spread so thin that I was not being my most sincere self. Being a type-A mom, I found a great way to balance this. I schedule unscheduled time for us. We have it on the calendar, but we have no set plans. It is fabulous and freeing. I guard my schedule and keep it a huge priority to maintain my balance.

Molly and Josephine

I struggled saying no and offending others. Should I lie? Should I apologize for putting my child first? I learned to be honest. I am busy being a mom. If they truly care, they will understand. Saying no to less important commitments opened my life to higher quality times. Choosing rest and connection rather than perfection made all the difference. I felt vulnerable, but it was okay. Surrounding yourself with people who feel the same helps a lot, too. Time is a resource we all have the same of; being present makes you realize this and maximizes your time.

While most of my decluttering took place within my schedule and my thoughts, I did simplify my material possessions as well. I gave myself permission to let go of physical things that did not bring me real joy. I felt immediate weight lifted off of me when I got rid of things I had been holding on to. When I have clutter on my counter top or a huge mess of crap in my purse, I can feel my shoulders slowly moving up towards my ears. Tension comes from seeing and feeling clutter, both physical and emotional. This was a simple thing to do for myself and my home, but it was more complex for my daughter. She is three, she has toys, she has gifts. I needed to set expectations and show her by example. We started small. When she makes a new art work, we take down one of the others. We did not toss the other in the garbage, we would gift it to someone special instead. We maintain and build a simple practice of letting go. It is not just getting rid of toys, it is life with less. Allowing her to be a kid is very significant to me, and that is where Smiling Tree Toys fits in.

Josephina received the Spell Well Name Puzzle as a gift. She has actively played with it for three entire years, and I do not foresee this changing anytime soon. Smiling Tree Toys are simple and timeless. For me, making the most out of each item is part of my minimalist process. I want my money to go the furthest it can, and I want the product I buy and receive to be special and meaningful. These items and products are perfect for us and our values for so many reasons. They are a timeless toy that are high quality and will last forever. Made locally, they come from such a heartwarming story which gives me all the feels. Smiling Tree Toy’s website is user friendly which makes ordering and receiving easy peasy. The toys and products create learning while playing, this is a total win-win. Unlike other toys and games they do not take time away from the real people around you, like screen time can.


While I understand minimalism looks different for everyone, Smiling Tree Toys can appeal to anyone! I am so grateful to have found their products and share their goodness.

With love, Molly

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