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Moms We Love: @mamasgirltribe2_

Looking for the ultimate girl tribe? @mamasgirltribe2_ – aka Verenice Rios – shares all things girly, sweet and fun over on her Instagram! She regularly posts inspiration and discount codes for accessories, clothes, toys, and more. Girl mamas, this one is a must follow!  

Get to know Verenice:

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Verenice and I’m a mother of two girls ages 16 and five. I enjoy taking photos and capturing special moments, and I love spending quality time with my family. I really enjoy connecting with moms through Instagramas we all navigate through our own special motherhood journey.


Mom (and Smiling Tree Toys fan) @mamagirltribe2_ on Instagram


What are some outdoor activities you're loving for your kiddos and yourself as we move into spring and summer?

We have currently been loving going out on evening walks enjoying all the fresh air. We also have a trampoline and a swing set that my kids enjoy. On warm summer days my youngest daughter loves playing with her water table, it’s great for open-ended sensory play. She also loves bubbles, outdoor chalk and riding our bikes around the neighborhood. We enjoy going to our local park to visit the ducks and geese too; my girls love preparing a mix of oats and seeds to feed them.

What are some of the joys and challenges of raising two girls?

Daughters are a special gift, and they bring so much joy and excitement to our lives. They make us laugh and teach us so much. Like my Instagram handle says, they really are my girl tribe.

However, parenting can be a humbling experience. Kids don't come with instructions and they each come with their own unique personalities and every stage of parenting has its challenges. I was very short tempered before having kids, but now they have taught me everyday to have more patience and that I’m not always in control of what inconveniences may occur. 

I am looking forward to seeing my girls grow up and become fearless, assertive, and independent women. By navigating this crazy world together as sisters, I know nothing can stop them.


Mom (and Smiling Tree Toys fan) @mamagirltribe2_ on Instagram


What are currently your top 4 favorite small businesses for toys and accessories?

These change depending on the age and stage of my girls, but right now I'm loving: 

  1. Smiling Tree Toys (thats us!)
  2. Love Note Co.
  3. Bee Like Kids
  4. KruhitkaLove
Wooden Picture Alphabet Blocks

What can people expect when they follow you?

By following me you will get exclusive links to the shops and brands we love! I specialize in children’s decor, children’s clothing, and accessories. We love working with brands that have a mission to make a difference and are environmentally and eco-friendly. I also share lots of toys that are fun, educational, and can also be passed down or kept as keepsakes. I hope you find inspiration through the content I share and choose to follow along!

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