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Organic Oil Finish for Wooden Toys

People often ask how we make our organic oil finish for our wooden toys, so here's a behind-the-scenes peek at the process, enjoy!

We start with organic jojoba oil, which we have found to be a really good base for our finish. It's safe for kids, certified organic, and doesn't put any color or odor onto the wood. We warm it on low heat, and slowly stir in grated beeswax which adds some water-proof protection to it. After it cools, we pour it into jars and it's ready to use. 

Organic Oil Finish for our Handmade wooden toys

I love seeing how our toys transform when I'm oiling them. The finish really brings out the woods natural beauty.

Our handmade and natural organic oil finish brings out the natural beauty of the wood while offering waterproof protection too

So that's it! One simple finish. Two natural ingredients. And a whole lot of playtime fun! Click here to see our most popular toys made with our organic oil finish.

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