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This is Postpartum

This guest post was written by Emmy Thurman, a fun and upbeat mama to two littles currently residing in Kansas City Missouri. She shares her thoughts on learning to love yourself after having a baby. Have an idea to share on our blog? Please get in touch here.

Let me ask you, Did you hate that part of you before someone told you that you should?

Emmy Liz with her two littles

I want to be a good role model for daughter & son, Lola & Luka. To show them that fitness and living healthy can be fun without having to restrict anything. I have no desired dress size or weight, as numbers—mean nothing. It’s all about how you feel. And I love my body as it is now. That includes every last inch. I love my stretch marks and my c-section scar, I have truly embraced my whole self and I’ve never been happier with the way my body looks. Everyone has their own ‘imperfections’ and there’s nothing imperfect about them, they are what makes us unique. They tell a story. Your worth is not measured by the size of your waist. This is postpartum & Y.O.U. are beautiful!

Shake what your baby gave you and have a beautiful day!—to all the strong mamas that are just trying to do their best!— Emmy Thurman, @emmy__liz


Originally from Mesa, Arizona, Emmy now calls Kansas City, Missouri home. She is an upbeat and easy going wife and mama to two babes & two fur babes. Lola, who just celebrated her third birthday this week, is going through the terrible twos & threes, and Luka is their Halloween babe due to turn one next month. Such a bittersweet feeling! Emmy loves connecting with others and empowering all mamas to get through motherhood in the most amazing way possible! Follow her on Instagram.

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