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by Guest Collaborator August 06, 2018

This guest post was written by Kristen Dickson a bright-siding girl mom looking for that everyday magic. She shares her practice of turning ordinary story time with her girls into a party! Have an idea to share on our blog? Please get in touch here.

Every now and then we do a special storytime, and today was one of those days. We recently received the animal alphabet block set from Smiling Tree Toys, which instantly reminded me of one of our favorite books, Adventures with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White. Both the blocks and the books are gorgeously illustrated with an animal for each letter, so I decided to put together an ABC storytime with my daughters, Jane (four) and Rose (two).

Story Time Party with Animal Alphabet Blocks

Animal Alphabet Blocks are the perfect companion to Adventures of Barefoot Critters

I created an invitation to read by setting out the book and the blocks in our library, along with some pillows and a blanket, and that was all it took. The girls dumped out the basket of blocks (which everyone knows is the best part about blocks) and then we paged through the book as the girls took turns finding each corresponding block from A to Z. At the end we stacked the blocks into the full alphabet and dumped them back into the basket (the other best part about blocks). It was fun and easy and I bet we’ll wind up doing it again and again.

We incorporated the alphabet and animals in every way we could think of!

The Girls with their Animal Alphabet Blocks and one of their favorite books

What better way to learn the alphabet than with a gorgeous book and equally gorgeous animal alphabet blocks

What’s your family’s favorite ABC book? Let us know in the comments below!


Written by Kristen Dickson from @tojaneandrose, a bright-siding girl mom looking for that everyday magic.

Guest Collaborator
Guest Collaborator


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