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Why is it so hard to keep plastic from overtaking our daily lives?

Simple and sustainable living with kids can be, well, NOT simple.

This is partly in thanks to giant companies that have normalized a “use once and throw away” lifestyle. That sucks. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Changing just a few of our daily habits as parents can go a long way in creating a future for our kids that isn’t wrapped in plastic.

four daily habits for raising plastic-free kids

 1. Lose the plastic sippy cups and water bottles: Invest in one or two stainless steel sippies/water bottles per child. Sure it’s convenient to have lots more so you can find one when you need one. Spoiler alert: No matter how many sippy cups they have, your child will still manage to lose all of them.

2. Buy snacks in bulk: Their first words after breakfast are usually “What’s for snack?” Skip the individually packaged crackers, cheese sticks, and raisins. Buy them in bulk instead. Then divvy up in reusable silicone food bags as needed. You’ll save on plastic and money.

3. Declare “plastic bag” a swear word in your home: OK, maybe a little extreme. But storing reusable bags in the trunk of your car and avoiding plastic shopping bags at all cost when you’re shopping with kids shows them that (gasp!) we really don't need a plastic bag to carry that loaf of bread from the store to the car.

4. Make playtime plastic-free: This is a big one, but we promise you it’s doable. Start small: gather the plastic toys in your playroom and donate them. Then prioritize plastic-free toys from here on by choosing wood toys for your kids. Lastly (and super important to staying plastic-free) politely request plastic-free toys from the gift-givers in your kids’ lives. 

two tree-hugging parents with one big mission

We're Kathleen and Justin: toy makers, nature lovers, and parents to four. Our mission? To rid the world of unnecessary plastic for a healthier, greener planet for all kids to come.

Your kids deserve to inherit a planet that's been loved, cared for, and can be passed down to their own kids. And as parents, you deserve peace of mind knowing the toys you give to your kids are safe, long-lasting, and good for the earth.

We created Smiling Tree Toys so that you and your family can create lasting childhood memories together while being part of a growing movement to green the earth for all kids to come.

safe. sustainable. special.

SAFE. It’s no secret that plastic toys are full of yucky dyes and chemicals. That’s why our wooden toys begin with anti-microbial and non-splintering wood and are finished with organic oils. No dyes. No toxins. No drama.

SUSTAINABLE. We all know plastic isn’t great for our planet. So we use sustainably harvested woods and all of our packaging and shipping materials will be 100% plastic-free by June 2020. Plus we plant a tree for every toy sold!!

SPECIAL. Childhood is way too short. Our wood toys stand up to years of playtime fun, and become special keepsakes when the younger years have passed. No batteries (or plastic) required.

Earth Day, Every Day

We're kinda crazy passionate about sustainable living and raising kids who care for the earth. So every day is Earth Day at Smiling Tree Toys.

We use sustainably harvested woods, an organic oil finish, and we plant a tree for every toy sold.

Less is more. Kids don't need all the things. Let's give them thoughtfully chosen, long-lasting toys that promote creative learning and green the earth for all kids to come.