imperfect blocks - small

Imperfect doesn't mean not fun, right?! Enjoy deep discounts on our not-quite-perfect blocks. Still excellent for building all the towers and houses - and for your kiddo to knock over without a moment's notice, because that's what they do...

You'll receive whatever wood types are available. They might be all one wood type/color, a mix of all three woods, or an uneven combination of woods. (We can't accommodate requests for specific woods, sorry. So enjoy the surprise!)
  • safe, smooth, high quality (as always!)
  • cannot be engraved with letters/numbers
  • exactly 1.4" square
  • surprise! exact wood types will vary 
Same sustainable hardwoods, amazing quality, and silky smooth edges like all of our "perfect" block sets; these just have natural streaking and grain imperfections that didn't meet our picky standards.

Handcrafted in Minnesota, USA. Finished with organic oil and beeswax.
Safe for all ages, including teething little ones. Each block in this 12-piece handcrafted set measures 1.375" square. Arrives in a USA-made drawstring bag ideal for gifting, storage, and travel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jaselyn F.
Beautiful Blocks

I ordered these blocks for my 7-month-old daughter, and they are beautiful! My husband and I really had to search to figure out what the "imperfections" were. Most of them (we're guessing) are just slightly darker grain lines or small dark spots. Certainly nothing that hinders their usability. The picture with the blocks lined up shows my guess as to the imperfections on each one.

The size of the blocks is also perfect for my daughter to hold in her hand. She is still in the munch-on-anything phase, so she loves to chew on the corners and edges. She also loves to knock over whatever tower her daddy tries to build.

I think these blocks are an amazing value, and I highly recommend them.

Aida G.
Love these blocks

These blocks are so well made and - aesthetically- I personally love the fact they are made of different colored wood. I also love that they are completely safe for my baby to put in her mouth and are easy to handle for little kids. Love them

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