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5 Play Activities To Strengthen Sibling Bonds

As a mom of four, I love kids activities that are easy to set up and can be played independently, while also encouraging sibling bonding, teamwork, and even some healthy competition.

And don’t go thinking this is a totally selfless pursuit. I also love it when my kids are getting along and playing together while I get that hot coffee and some time to myself without hearing “Mooooooommmm…..

These are five of my favorite sibling activities that my children love to play and actually get along with one another while doing so:

Memory Matching Game

Memory Matching Game wooden game tiles engraved designs family fun educational toy for toddlers Smiling Tree Toys.JPG

Smiling Tree Toys’ wooden memory matching game promotes short-term memory skills for young and old alike. Each tile is generously sized for easy handling, sanded smooth, and features an original and recognizable picture.

The pictures encourage imaginative storytelling, and because they’re engraved onto the wood, they’ll never fade or wear off.

Honestly, this set makes learning fun and is a great way for siblings to play and learn together. And if you’re like me, you just might find you legitcannot win against your six year old at memory match!

The Floor Is Lava

This is a fun active game for two or more siblings, assuming you don’t mind the kids climbing on your furniture. Let your kids jump from couch to chair without touching the floor unless it’s a pillow. The players must keep moving at all times. First one to fall in the lava loses.

Pro Tip: if you crave some quiet time, add one more rule. Only whispering is allowed. If you yell, you’ll awaken the fire-breathing dragons that live in the lava and you’re out!

Smiling Moon Balancer Challenge

Smiling Moon Balancer handmade wood toy for preschoolers educational keepsake gift @the.yost.girls Smiling Tree Toys.jpg

I designed our Smiling Moon Balancer because I wanted a coffee table piece that’s beautiful to look at, can actually be played with, and is fun for all ages. This is the perfect wooden toy game for young and old alike. Kids can work together to balance all the circles on the moon base or take turns adding circles of their own.

The Smiling Moon Balancer also encourages a bit of sibling competition which is healthy because it boosts mental and emotional development, increases maturity, and enhances social skills.

Talk about a win-win!

Everybody Freeze

If you’re in the mood for a dance party (because who isn’t?), this is a perfect activity to elevate the mood in your house. Turn on your children’s favorite songs, and choose one child to be the DJ while the other kids boogie down. The DJ stops the music abruptly at random times. Dancers must freeze until the music starts playing again. Each child gets a point if they stay frozen while the music is paused. If they move, they’re out! 

Coloring Challenges

free educational coloring book animal alphabet Smiling Tree Toys

Challenge your children to color within the lines with our FREE Animal Alphabet Coloring Sheets. They’ll have a blast coloring their favorite animals while learning the alphabet!

You could also snag your children a set of Cheer Up Charms! This set of three unfinished wooden charms is a fun kids craft that doubles as a gift for you to share with others.


Sibling bonds are emotionally powerful and critically important not only in childhood but over the course of a lifetime. These five activities will help nurture that bond so that your children learn social skills, how to manage conflict, and the art of negotiating with their brothers and sisters.

Loved this blog? If you’re looking for more ways to keep the learning going while you’re working from home, check out this blog for 20 easy ways to ensure your kids are getting some degree of learning in while you get your work done.

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