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Dreaming of a Green Christmas: A Mom's Guide to Sustainable Wooden Stocking Stuffers

'Tis the season of wish lists, holiday parties, family gatherings, school programs and practices, traditions and more!

This time of the year is SO busy that it's no wonder sometimes the little details slip through the cracks; like the stocking stuffers. Which is how they inevitably end up filled at the last minute with chintzy, plastic, quickly forgotten items that will break and lose their appeal in a matter of hours. 

Don't worry, I'm guilty of this too! 

So let's get ahead of it together and this year focus on gifting intentional, well-made, sustainable gifts all the way down to even the ones stuffing the stockings. 

And as a mom who believes in the magic of Christmas AND the importance of preserving our planet AND is also juggling a full plate of holiday madness, here are some simple, small stocking stuffers that will make this Christmas extra special and eco-friendly. 

Sustainable Stocking Stuffers

Wooden Teether

The goal with a stocking stuffer is small, but impactful. And what's more beneficial than a teething toy that's *actually* going to soothe sore gums?! Our teethers are all natural, non-splintering, non-toxic and safety tested for all ages. 

They come in a variety of shapes from our best-selling letters, to select US states, to whales, hearts, foxes and more. And they can be personalized with your kiddo's name, a short phrase like 'Merry Christmas 2023' or left blank. 

wooden letter teether

Wooden Ornament

Probably the most common and universally gifted stuffer is an ornament, no doubt. But let's not just pick any old bulb with no meaning or sentimentality. Let's choose one that's customized to your child and their accomplishments over the last year (and won't shatter if dropped!).

My favorite holiday tradition is personalizing an ornament each year for my kids and our wooden snowflake ornament is perfect for this. I recommend personalizing the front of the ornament with their name and the year. Then, on the back, highlighting their age and milestones from the past year. 

This is a timeless gift that, as they grow older, they will love looking back and reminiscing on. And the best part? We engrave all personalization, so you never have to worry about it rubbing off or fading! 

wooden Christmas ornament

Gift Card

A gift card might seem like a copout, but it's still way better than something plastic from the dollar section, and it allows your kiddos the freedom to browse our site for something that catches their eye. 

Our gift cards start at $15 and go up to $100! 

wooden stocking stuffers

Wooden Car/Truck

This is the perfect little addition to a stocking that needs just one more thing. Take your pick between an old-school truck, racer or love bug and watch your little one's face light up when they see it has been personalized with their name.

These little cars are sturdy, finished with an organic oil, and made to withstand even the roughest of childhood play. 

wooden toy cars

Magic Wand

A wooden wand is the sweetest add-on to a stocking that gives Christmas magic a whole new meaning. With the option to add personalization, not only is this an item that will be well-loved and used for years, it also is a keepsake for life. 

wooden magoc wand

This Christmas, let's embark on a journey to make our celebrations not only magical but also mindful. Join me in gifting sustainable wooden stocking stuffers and spread the joy of a green Christmas throughout your home.

After all, the true spirit of the season lies in the love we share and the positive impact we make on the world around us. Here's to a Christmas that's not only merry but also green!

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