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Moms We Love: @mariah.barents

This month we wanted to show a little love to our new and expecting mamas with a feature on first time, soon-to-be mom @mariah.barents

Mariah shares how she is working towards a "minimalist" lifestyle, her favorite eco-friendly brands, and how she and her husband are prepping for the arrival of their baby girl this winter.

Get to know Mariah:

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself?

My name is Mariah Barents. I am 24 years old, married to my high school sweetheart and expecting our first baby in January. I grew up in Arizona, but moved to Richmond, Virginia two years ago; we love it out here!
I am a content creator, but I am also in the process of obtaining my cosmetology license right now. I love putting my creativity to the test in many ways – clearly. 
We also have three fur babies, and are currently renovating our home in preparation for our baby girl! When I'm not busy, I love cooking, watching my favorite tv shows, and hanging out with friends! 

How do you plan on incorporating sustainability into motherhood?

I really am passionate about supporting local businesses and farms so I plan to buy as much as I can locally. Living in VA, there are so many local businesses that I know and love!

We also have always been a recycling family, and will continue to do so after the baby arrives. And as my family grows, teaching my children to value wiser choices is going to be really important!

What aspects of becoming a new mom are you most looking forward to?

I think children are such blessings and nothing can compare to the love you have for your child. Knowing that our baby is half of me and half of my husband is so special! I am excited to see how our children grow and mature with the characteristics I see in both myself and my husband.

I am also really looking forward to celebrating the many 'firsts' in our baby's life, and have a little bestie to do life with.



Do you have any tips for other moms wanting to pursue the "minimalist" lifestyle?

To prepare for our baby's arrival, my husband and I are starting to declutter and get rid of the things we really don't need. Quality over quantity is such a good mindset to have in general, but especially with a baby on the way.

I'm also a big list girl and have been creating lists of things we definitely need for baby girl, and crossing out anything we don't.

Social media can also be a real pain when trying to live a minimalist lifestyle, so muting or just not limiting the time I spend on it has helped me not overbuy things as well. 


What other sustainable, eco-friendly accounts or brands have you been loving lately?

I love the brand Seventh Generation and Grove Co for all of my cleaning supplies! I am also super excited to use the compostable diapers we purchased from DYPER, and have registered for the play gym by LOVEVERY! And, of course, Smiling Tree Toys, has amazing sustainable toys for kiddos at every stage. We love our birth announcement sign and name puzzle

As we head into fall, what are your seasonal must-haves?

Fall is my favorite season by far so I love this question!! I'm an UGG girl, so of course, gotta have my UGGs. Pumpkin Spice anything, especially the PS Cold Brew from Starbucks. Cozy pajamas and thick chunky socks are a must-have for chilly evenings. I also really love a good coat and sweater to keep me warm.

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