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From One Mama to Another

Hey, Smiling Tree Mamas -

Here's to you on Mother's Day! My motherhood journey began nearly 8 years ago the day I learned I was pregnant with our first.  It was a sun-filled, snowy morning in Colorado when I took that pregnancy test, and the snow was literally sparkling.  I'll never forget it.

Today we've multiplied our children by four, and I get to call these blondies (ages 7, 4, 2, and 1) my own.  As incredibly rewarding and fulfilling as motherhood is, let's face it.  It's EXHAUSTING.  Never in my life was I prepared for the countless hours of GIVING, of TEACHING, of PRACTICING PATIENCE, of NOT SLEEPING, of the CONSTANT PHYSICAL and EMOTIONAL CARE that motherhood demands of us.  

So today seems like a great time to send out some positive mama vibes to you all. From one mother to another, I just want to remind you that YOU ARE AMAZING and YOU'RE DOING IT! Granted I don't always see the silver lining of it all when it's 3am and I've been awoken yet again by a little someone in need of something... But when it comes down to it, we're all DOING OUR BEST and raising tiny humans to be KIND, CARING, and positive CONTRIBUTORS to this spaceship we call earth.  And while it isn't all rainbows and lollipops, it sure is a whole lot of FUN.

So HERE'S TO YOU.  Keep on TEACHING, keep on GIVING, keep on BELIEVING in your babes, and most importantly, keep on LOVING.  None of us are perfect, but in the eyes of our children, we're pretty darn close.

THANK YOU for being on this journey along with our family as we savor childhood, celebrate parenthood, and remember that THESE ARE THE DAYS.  Tiring, at times? Yes. But short, fleeting, and bittersweet in so many ways.



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