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Our Commitment to Sustainability

Earth Day is like Christmas to those as passionate about the environment as we are. But it's only one day, and we believe in treating EVERY day like Earth Day. This holds true in both our personal and professional lives. When it comes to Smiling Tree Toys, we make every effort to ensure our family's business is as environmentally responsible as possible.

Organic Finish

We use a special blend of organic jojoba oil and pure local beeswax to finish our handmade toys.  The oil brings out the beautiful colors and grain patterns in the woods used to make our toys, and the beeswax offers light waterproof protection to ensure the natural beauty of the wood shines through for years to come. 

American Grown Hardwoods

The majority of our toys are made from American grown, sustainably harvested solid hardwoods. This also means that all our woods are transported within the US and nothing is imported. Whenever possible, we source certified sustainable American hardwoods.

Peace Corps Donations

As you are probably aware, we donate a portion of each toy sold to Peace Corps projects around the world. But we go one step further than that and direct our donations towards eco-friendly projects designed to increase sustainability and are good for the earth as well as local communities. Learn more about our Peace Corps experience and check out some of the projects we've supported.

Conscious Consumerism

We intentionally source high quality, American-made wood and other materials to create exceptionally made, long-lasting toys that won't break or wear out. Less is more.

Cotton Bags

The bags used to store and gift our toys and games are produced from pesticide free, American-grown cotton. They are also made by a family-owned business {Celestial Gifts} like ours as well!

Packaging & Shipping

Nearly all of the packaging and shipping materials we use are both biodegradable and recyclable. We never include printed packing slips or receipts in packages in order to conserve paper. (All receipts are electronic.)

Being a green company isn't just a matter of following a list of eco-friendly practices, it's a way of life. A never ending, ongoing process. We're always on the lookout for ways that we can minimize our eco-footprint and give back to Mother Nature.  Thanks for supporting our family in our mission to care for both the Earth and its children!

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