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Have an Upcoming Baptism? Start Here!

It's such a special moment when a little one in your life is being baptized, dedicated or christened. 

So special, in fact, that it might seem a little overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift. You want something that is sentimental yet practical, timeless yet age appropriate. Where do you even begin?

Well friend, I might be a little biased but we've created a pretty amazing line for this exact occasion. Complete with rattles and blocks, there are several personalized, high-quality items to choose from. But for today, we are going to focus on the blocks

baptism gifts

Before we get baptism specific, any one of our alphabet blocks make a perfect gift for any occasion. 

We have three options: picture alphabet, alphabet and animal alphabet. Each one is unique and beautifully hand-crafted to perfection (or as perfect as an actual human can make them). 

alphabet blocks

As with all our blocks, we use a variety of maple, cherry and walnut wood that is sanded smooth, engraved and finished with organic jojoba oil. 

Each of these sets will grow with your little one and be reached for for many years to come. 

Another option is our photo prop or countdown blocks

Again, while these aren't baptism specific, we think they fit this category perfectly. 

For an added touch of sentimentality, our photo prop bocks come with an optional personalized cherry block and will make those Instagram-worthy monthly photos that much more special to look back on. 

photo prop block

If you're a little crunched for time (don't worry, we get it), opt for a countdown block set that is ready to be shipped and can be reused year after year. 

countdown blocks

Now, if you're looking for something specifically for a baptism/dedication/christening, we have two best-selling block options.

Our baptism name blocks, which are a part of our block collection, check all the boxes. They are personalized to spell the kiddos' name, come in cherry, maple, walnut, or a mix of all three, and have optional religious symbols. These symbols include: dove, cross, church and the date in which he/she is being dedicated. 

baptism name blocks

Not only can these blocks be played with, they also make for a beautiful display on a shelf or dresser. We recommend choosing two add-on blocks (a date block and one other) to book-end the child's name and create a beautiful keepsake.

And finally, our most personalized option is our baptism keepsake block

baptism keepsake block

Customize each side to reflect the date and location of this exciting day and add a personalized message on the bottom with a Bible verse or words of love and commemoration. 

So there you have it! Several amazing options that are tried and true classics can can be as broad or specific as you would like! 

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