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Moms We Love: @thecalliechisholm

We are so excited to be featuring @thecalliechisholm for our next installation in the 'Moms We Love' series. 

Callie gets candid about what inspires her, what fashion trends she's loving and more!

Read on: 

Can you tell readers a little about yourself, your family, and your backstory?

My family is the greatest blessing in my life! My husband and I met almost 10 years ago, and were married a few short years later.

Mom We Love: @thecalliechisholm on Instagram

3 months into our marriage we found out we were pregnant with my oldest. She turned our world upside down—in the best way!

When she turned one, we found out I was pregnant yet again. We waited until I gave birth to discover that it was another beautiful girl! Our wild, crazy, and fun-loving, middle child.

In early 2022, we had a surprise blessing! I managed to conceive (even though I was on birth control) our third beautiful baby girl!! We were shocked but she came at the perfect time.

Mom We Love: @thecalliechisholm on Instagram

How did you get into influencing/blogging/fashion?

Throughout each pregnancy, I developed a passion for sharing products I found beneficial for the different seasons of life and motherhood. Whether it be different styles to wear at 5 months pregnant or a favorite beauty product, I wanted to share my experiences with others. People liked what I had to say and what was sharing, and my following grew from there.

What is currently your favorite fashion trend?

I'm currently loving DENIM. Anything denim with some bright white sneaks and I'm SOLD. The 90's are back, baby!

What is your favorite sustainable or clean brand for yourself?

I love Pela phone cases! They're a sustainable company that focuses on repurposing something we all use daily - phone cases!

What is your favorite sustainable or clean brand for you kids?

I love Colored Organics for my daughters' wardrobes. They're a clean company that produce fashionable children's clothing ethically. Their products are so so cute too!

How has motherhood impacted your creativeness?

Becoming a mother has definitely widened by creativity. My scope used to be so small and if something didn't fit within my typical post or niche, I wouldn't share. Now, I share everything! Kids clothes, home decor, beauty products, food, etc. Why? Because these things are important to us mamas. I didn't realize that before I became one myself.

Mom We Love: @thecalliechisholm on Instagram

Do you have any advice for other moms trying to find their personal style or hobbies?

Don't be afraid to share. Don't get too hung up on your "niche." Yes, it's important to be cohesive but we can't get the true essence of who you are if you're leaving major parts out!

What is your family's favorite summertime activity?

Our current favorite activity is swimming in the pool. We grab our favorite popsicles and spend all day splashing around! 

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