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Gift Giving Made Easy: Wooden Educational Toys For Kids

We know how hard it is to find the perfect toy for the little one in your life. Whether it’s your own kiddo or a friend/family’s child… Gifting is tough, but it doesn’t have to be.

That’s where we come in 🙌

Below, you’ll find a handful of carefully curated wooden educational toy gift sets that will meet the needs of any gifting situation.


Alphabet Teether Letter M personalized teething toy natural pain relief for babies nursery decor keepsake gift baby shower newborn @baileetaylor Smiling Tree Toys

New Baby Gift Set #1 includes a Birth Block and Letter Teether because what's better than one show-stopping new baby gift? TWO. Both are safe, natural, heirloom gifts the new baby and parents will adore long past childhood.

wooden birth block personalized wooden letter teether

Alphabet Teether natural teething toy for babies Spell Well Name Puzzle educational birthday gift for one year old @gabbylicavoli Smiling Tree Toys

New Baby Gift Set #2 includes a Letter Teether and a Spell Well Name Puzzle. These are two of our best-selling toys that are loved by babies and parents alike.

wooden letter teether and wooden name puzzle


First Birthday Gift Set 1 Spell Well Name Puzzle Old School Truck one year old gift ideas @thenerdyboho Smiling Tree Toys-10

First Birthday Gift Set #1 includes a Spell Well Name Puzzle and a Wooden Car or Old-School Truck. That feeling you get when you find "the perfect thing" for a special little one's first birthday gift? You'll feel it right here TIMES TWO! Both toys are sustainably made and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

wooden name puzzle or wooden toy car or truck

Personalized Name Blocks classic wooden block set alphabet letter recognition one year old gift toddlers @klajean Smiling Tree Toys

First Birthday Gift Set #2 includes a Spell Well Name Puzzle and Personalized Wooden Name Blocks to make a gift as unique as the little one for whom you are buying. Combine these two bestselling items for an ooh-and-aah worthy gift set they'll be loving long after the cake is gone.

wooden name puzzle wooden name blocks


Siblings Gift Set 1 Spell Well Name Puzzle Keepsake Birth Block new baby gift older brother sister set @thenerdyboho Smiling Tree GIfts-5

Siblings Gift Set #1 includes a personalized Wooden Birth Block and a Spell Well Name Puzzle. Give the growing family a personalized birth block for the new baby AND a name puzzle for the older sibling to remind them they're just as loved as always.

wooden birth block wooden name puzzle

Love Bug Car handmade wooden toy gift ideas for first birthday @marinaaafranco Smiling Tree Toys-2

Siblings Gift Set #2 includes a Letter Teether and a Wooden Car or Old-School Truck. Who remembers the big bro or sis when a new baby joins the family? You do! Two keepsake gifts for two littles you love. It's a win-win!

wooden letter teether car or truck


wooden crate alphabet blocks gift set

Our Blocks and Crate Gift Set is a fan favorite. Gift the little one in your life a set of 26 Picture Alphabet Blocks and one Personalized Toy Crate. This bundle will help your kiddo identify pictures and letter sounds. The personalized crate will keep the kiddos tidy and help them cart around their favorite toys!

blocks and crate set


Happy shopping 🛍️

P.S. We’ve heard from countless crunchy mamas that requesting plastic-free toys is a feat in and of itself! That’s why we put together our free guide: How To Politely Request Plastic-Free Toys. Check it out if you need some tips on how to request plastic-free toys from your family for birthdays and holidays 🎁

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