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5 Wooden Toys To Bust Summer Boredom

Summer is coming up quickly! You're likely thinking about how you’re going to keep your little one(s) busy during the long summer days without running out of steam… Been there!

The good news is that kids thinkeverything is magical, and they can find fun with just about any toy. But notany toy can double to help them grow and learn while playing.

If you're wanting toys that will not only keep your child busy all summer long, but also encourage educational growth through play-based learning, you may be in the market for a few new Montessori-style products to help you out.

We’ve got you covered on that front! Today, we’re sharing five wooden toys that are perfect for busting Summer boredom.

Spell Well Name Puzzle

Hands down, a fan favorite to help beat Summer boredom is our Spell Well Name Puzzle! You can use our Spell Well Name Puzzle for toddler sensory activities while also teaching your little one how to spell their name and recognize the letters that make their name up.

Add an added shape to the puzzle and an engraved personalized message on the back for a personal touch!

Spell Well Name Puzzle handmade wooden toy gift for one year olds birthday toddlers educational keepsake @kiimay Smiling Tree Toys-5

spell well name puzzle wooden toys montesorri play


Smiling Moon Balancer

Our Smiling Moon Balancer is a beautiful toy to play with (and look at!), that is perfect for all ages. Turn stacking into a competition for added fun! I love seeing the sibling competition that my kids get into when playing with this toy because it boosts mental and emotional development, increases maturity and enhances their social skills.

There are so many ways to play with your Smiling Moon Balancer, and we have an entire blog dedicated to it! Check out 4 Ways To Play With Your Wooden Smiling Moon Balancer for ways to give your child the opportunity to imagine, create, and explore through play.

Smiling Moon Balancer educational wood toy for toddlers handmade in USA gift ideas @marinaaafranco Smiling Tree Toys-6

smiling moon balancer play based learning


Three Wooden Cars

Do your children love playing with cars or trucks? If you’re nodding your head “YES!” then we’ve got the perfect toys for you. Our Three Wooden Toy Cars set features our fan-favorite Old-School Truck and Love Bug for your little one to play with.

Create your own roadway with stop signs and intersections or encourage your little one’s imagination to run wild while they create their own obstacle course to race through.

Activities like those will help fine tune your child’s motor skills and promote imaginative play without boundaries.

Three Wooden Cars Old School Truck Love Bug Car Classic Racer handmade wooden toys on wheels gift for toddler boy girl Smiling Tree Toys @susiesnaps_

three wooden cars wooden toys on wheels


Memory Matching

This wooden memory matching game promotes short-term memory skills for both you AND your little one. Each tile is generously sized for easy handling, sanded smooth, and features an original and recognizable picture. The pictures on the tiles encourage imaginative storytelling, and because they’re engraved onto the wood, they’ll never fade or wear off.

Use these tiles to promote imaginative play (e.g. have your little one make up a short story around one of the tiles) or match the shapes to get both of your brains working. And it’s so much fun trying to win against your child!

Memory Matching Game wooden tiles educational toy for toddlers preschoolers @lacydaniella Smiling Tree Toys-3

memory matching wooden toys play based learning


Animal Alphabet Blocks

Our Animal Alphabet Blocks are great for letter recognition. Use these blocks for an ABC scavenger hunt inside your home or teach your child the sounds each animal makes. From aardvark to zebra and everything in between.

I know your child will fall in love with all twenty six of these darling animals wrapped around their corresponding letters, and have fun learning along the way! Plus, you can make this eco-heirloom set even more meaningful by personalizing your choice of blocks - add your child’s name and those of their family members to make it truly unique.

Our FREE Animal Alphabet Coloring Book is a perfect companion for this toy! It comes packed with coloring pages AND three simple ways to use the pages for letter learning fun. Download it today.

Animal Alphabet Blocks classic wooden block set educational toy for babies toddlers handmade in the USA @atheresa Smiling Tree Toys-4

wooden blocks animal alphabet play based learning


There you have it… Five wooden toys to help bust Summer boredom that are beautiful AND affordable. Which toy are you going to snag first for your little one? Come tell us over on Instagram (@smilingtreetoys).

Loved this blog? Be sure to check out 3 Nature Based Play Activities with Wooden Toys where we’re sharing ideas that will remind you of good old-fashioned play!

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