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Moms We Love: @thenerdyboho

We got the chance to *virtually* interview influencer Chelsea Maras, aka @thenerdyboho on Instagram, She shares her experience in the classroom and as a creative professional, her journey to motherhood, and her love for handmade wooden toys. Chelsea's voice and passion are just a couple more of many reasons why we love scrolling her feed. Here's what she had to say:

Can you tell readers a little bit about yourself and your backstory?

My name is Chelsea, and I’ve been a professional photographer for the last ten years. Four years ago, I welcomed my first IVF miracle boy and I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second IVF miracle boy. Before photography I was an art teacher and nanny so I always appreciate handmade toys, especially ones that can be used for educational play. 

Chelsea Maras of @thenerdyboho

How did you first hear about Smiling Tree Toys?

I found Smiling Tree Toys on Instagram when my son was a year old. As a small business owner I try to shop small as often as possible. I loved all their personalized goodies, so we started with a name puzzle and we were hooked! 

What are your favorite Smiling Tree Toys products?

We love all the wooden wall buntings. We have a couple personalized ones and some for the holidays too! We also play with our alphabet blocks all the time – they’re great for building and learning. Plus the crate they come with is a great way to keep all our wooden toys organized. 

Wooden Alphabet Blocks and personalized toy crate @thenerdyboho Smiling Tree Toys

How do you use wooden toys for play-based learning?

We use our wood alphabet blocks to build supports for our wooden train tracks. We also love to use the memory game and name puzzles as learning tools too!

Memory Matching Game personalized name puzzle wooden toy crate wood toys for toddlers @thenerdyboho Smiling Tree Toys

How does Smiling Tree Toys' mission to create lifelong childhood memories for families and green the earth for all kids to come fit in with your parenting goals?

We read a lot of books in our house about our planet and how to do our part. We love that Smiling Tree Toys aligns with that by planting trees and thinking green! These toys definitely grow with your kids and they are such great quality. They make for amazing keepsakes or hand-me-downs. 

What is one item you would recommend to someone who is just starting their wooden toy collection and why?

Definitely a name puzzle or alphabet blocks. They’re both so classic and grow with your kids! 

Personalized wooden toys educational memory match game toy truck name puzzle @thenerdyboho Smiling Tree Toys 

Be sure to follow @thenerdyboho on IG for all things IVF, kiddos, mom life, pregnancy and much more!

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