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Organic Products your Baby Needs

This blog post was written by guest contributor Abel Ramirez.  

Caring for your little one can be an enjoyable yet truly daunting task—especially if you’re welcoming your first baby. And with the numerous care considerations you have to make, organic and eco-friendly qualifications may *quickly* fly outside the window.

Luckily, the organic movement has grown to include baby care products, making it so much easier to do organic shopping for your little bundle of joy.

Here are some essential organic products that make baby care safe and earth-friendly at the same time.

Organic Baby Food

Whenever you’re looking for organic baby products, baby food tends to come up first. As organic food is also the most popular organic product category, it makes sense that this translates into baby food as well!

Major brands like Gerber now have plenty of organic options for baby food, and you can easily pick some up at your local Whole Foods (if you have one).

There are also other brands like Ella’s Kitchen or Happy Baby that offer plenty of great options for the different stages of your baby’s life.

If what these companies offer doesn’t appeal to you, fret not! You can also try your hand at making baby food at home. This option allows you to customize your baby’s food to what you have available at home, so it’s the perfect hands-on option for any new mom.

Of course, making organic baby food would have to mean using safe, organic ingredients. Blending fruits and veggies together can be a great start to making your own organic baby food at home. Feeding your baby whole foods can be quite a tricky activity (one that requires plenty of research by mama) since babies are prone to choking or mishandling their food.

There are certain equipment specifically intended for making baby food at home, but these are not really necessary and you can likely get away with just using what you have at home.

Before preparing any food for baby, please make sure to consult your pediatrician beforehand.

Organic Toys

Toys are an integral part of your baby’s life. And if you’re not careful about choosing your baby toys, just one blink and *suddenly*, you have a massive pile of toys that you have absolutely no idea what to do with.

These days, toys are often made of weak plastic and may not stand the test of your baby’s destructive exploration—not to mention the negative impact they have on the planet. Opting for organic baby toys that are sturdy and long-lasting are sure-fire ways to make playtime healthy and fun!

At Smiling Tree Toys, all of our products are made with longevity in mind. We have cars, wooden blocks, rattles, and even ornaments that your little babe is sure to make lasting memories with—that is, if they are old enough to remember!

wooden toys

Organic Learning Materials

Your little one is a naturally curious little thing. Much like us adults, babies love exploring textures, shapes, sounds, and other sensory-stimulating experiences they’ve never tried before.

Learning doesn’t always have to begin with ABCs or counting to tens; it can also start with simply encouraging them to try out new things, taste new flavors, and play with new shapes and textures.

Our Smiling Moon Balancer is safe for all ages (but we recommend it for children 18 months old and older. This toy is the perfect organic option if you want your baby to play with shapes, balance, and how objects interact with each other.

smiling moon balancer

And unlike plastic toys from the toy store that will break apart in months—yikes—our toys are meant to last a lifetime. Your kid will still be able to hand them down to their children and their children’s children for wholesome, generational fun.

Organic Baby Bath time Essentials

Baby bath time is a lovely, precious time both for you and your little one. There are general suggested guidelines for bathing your baby, so make sure to read up on those in advance before jumping into it.

Bathing your baby can be a scary task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Newborn babies typically only need water for bath time, but their needs also evolve as they move on to different stages.

When baby starts to need shampoo or wash, making sure you are using safe options is crucial. Although not all organic products may work for your baby, using organic baby soap or shampoo for your baby’s delicate skin is a great place to start looking for bath essentials that work well on their skin.

You can check out this quick guide to organic baby shampoo for an easier start to an organic bath time for your baby.

Organic Blankies and Cloths

Many fabrics available today are full of synthetics and, if not, are dyed with toxic substances that may have questionable effects on your baby’s gentle skin—and no mum wants that! On top of that, excessive reliance on synthetics is terrible for the environment and has disastrous consequences for future generations.

Going for organic fabrics for your baby’s blankets and towels helps ensure that only the best and most earth-friendly materials touch your baby’s skin.

We’ve had plenty of good experience using fabrics like organic cotton and organic linen in our own home, and we can fully recommend them in good conscience.

You can also extend this preference for your baby’s clothes, but considering how fast they grow, hand-me-downs remain the best, most sustainable option. But if it is within your budget, we still think organic baby clothes are an excellent choice.

Organic baby blankets and towels are available in most baby stores or you may also purchase them online.

Some Final Reminders

Babies are one of life’s best gifts to us. They are full of potential, joy, and warmth that we are so, so lucky to be able to experience. Caring for them is a likewise enormous task that we have the ultimate responsibility of fulfilling.

Choosing organic products is not always a guarantee that you will be choosing the most suitable product for your baby. By nature, babies respond differently to stimuli, and that’s perfectly normal!

But starting your baby’s journey with organic products is a good benchmark for ensuring you only use safe and healthy products for your baby—who deserves the world and more.

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