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NEW | Decorative Wall Buntings

New from Smiling Tree: decorative wall BUNTINGS! Much thought was given to this collection to include options for every season, occasion, and room in your home. Beautifully designed engraved accents accompany inspiring phrases to add a special touch to your home or holiday decor. Find the perfect word or phrase for the kitchen, bedroom, reading nook, or family room! Don't see exactly what you're looking for? We have a personalized option too!
Sweet Dreams Nursery Wall Bunting Decor Free Spirit Decorative Wall Bunting from Smiling Tree Toys
Crafted using high quality walnut and maple contrasting woods and strung with natural hemp to your liking. Several options include corresponding engraved graphics as well.A unique decor piece that's great all year round!
Personalized Name Wall BuntingExplore More Wall Bunting
Now through October 1, take 10% off our entire bunting collection with code BUNTINGS.

We hope you enjoy this new collection as much as we do! We'd love to see how you fill your walls with these gorgeous buntings - remember, we choose a #smilingtreelove winner every month to receive a $20 Smiling Tree gift card, so share away!

New Decorative Buntings from Smiling Tree Toys

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