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The Heart of Smiling Tree

This is where we bring your keepsake toys to life! Our wood shop. It's the heartbeat of Smiling Tree. The place where Justin spends endless hours planning and making and dreaming.

This is new life breathed into the old. We renovated this picturesque red dairy barn nearly three years ago. It's more than triple the size of the single car garage that was previously our wood shop. And I can't even begin to tell you how much of an improvement it is over the unfinished, damp, poorly lit basement where we created our very first toys when we opened our doors in 2011.

Justin and our oldest daughter applying our natural finish to a square stacker toyThis is where the pitter patter of tiny feet can be heard often as little ones check on Daddy throughout the day. Where there's always eclectic music playing, from Indie Rock to Afro Beat to Hip Hop to Acapella. Where I deliver freshly brewed chai and tea (and yes sometimes coffee) to keep my woodworker fueled.

Where thoughtful, patient craftsmanship happens in Justin sanding a state teether in the wood shopsmall batches from start to finish. Where we give our everything to create heirloom keepsakes for your loved ones. And where we do our happy dance when another order comes in, we receive kind feedback from you, or catch glimpses of you and your Smiling Tree moments.

This is where the joy of doing what we love and raising our small flock of littles makes us grateful beyond words.

This is the result of countless hours of dreaming, planning, hoping, trying, failing, believing, persisting, and succeeding.

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Kathy packaging a name buntingAs we enter another busy holiday season, please know how thankful we are for the chance to be a part of your family's holiday traditions and gatherings. We hope your Smiling Tree gifts are more than toys; we hope they bring you and your beloved little ones quality time together as you play, learn, imagine, and make memories.

We are both thrilled and honored to have you along on our journey. Here's to a peaceful, meaningful, and magical holiday season from our house to yours!

The Smiling Tree Family

 Kathleen + Justin


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