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Smiling Tree Toys is 100% Plastic-Free with Biodegradable Packaging

Back in April we made an Earth Day commitment to be 100%plastic-free with biodegradable packaging by August 2021…

And guess what? We did it 🙌

Smiling Tree Toys is 100% Plastic-Free with Biodegradable Packaging


We’ve kept our promise to you (and this beautiful planet we call home). 🌎

From our crunchy kiddos to yours, we are thrilled to take this next step in our green journey with you.

Below is a quick overview of how else we continue to be environmentally responsible.


We use a special blend of organic jojoba oil and pure local beeswax to finish our handmade toys. The oil brings out the beautiful colors and grain patterns in the woods used to make our toys, and the beeswax offers light waterproof protection to ensure the natural beauty of the wood shines through for years to come.

People often ask how we make our organic oil finish for our wooden toys, so here's a behind-the-scenes peek at the process!


The majority of our toys are made from American grown, sustainably harvested solid hardwoods. This also means that all our woods are transported within the US and nothing is imported. Whenever possible, we source certified sustainable American hardwoods.


We intentionally source high quality, American-grown wood and other materials to create exceptionally made, long-lasting heirloom toys that won't break or wear out. Less is more.


The bags used to store and gift our toys and games are produced from pesticide free, American-grown cotton. And they’re made by a family-owned business {Celestial Gifts} like ours as well!


All of the packaging and shipping materials we use are both biodegradable and recyclable. We never include printed packing slips or receipts in packages in order to conserve paper. (All receipts are electronic.)


Smiling Tree Toys Tree Planting Initiative

We're wood toy makers who also happen to be crazy passionate tree-huggers. "Is that possible," you ask? Of course it is! We believe in a greener future for all. That’s why every purchase YOU make equals a new tree planted (50,861 planted and counting!). Learn more here.

You see, and it might seem cheesy...but every day is Earth Day around here and your support makes it easy to be green. So we (and our forests) thank you!

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