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Tips for Capturing Baby's First Year in Photos

Baby's First Year is a blur of new milestones, rapid growth, and for parents, sleep deprivation! It's a magical time full of memorable moments you'll treasure forever. One option for documenting your baby's growth and development is our Photo Prop Age Blocks. You can choose how often you want to take your little one's photo: daily, weekly, monthly, or anywhere in between! You can even personalize the blocks to include baby's name! We reached out Chelsea Frandsen, one of our favorite family photographers - and new momma herself! - to share her tips on capturing these special first photos! Have an idea to share on our blog? Please get in touch here.
Newborn baby photo prop blocks
Before having our baby, I had noticed all the different ways people capture their baby's first year and milestones. There are so many options. Smiling Tree Toys photography prop age blocks just seemed perfect, simple and beautiful. I also adored the fact that the could be personalized! Being the crazy mama I am, I decided to do 52 weeks of our Baby Greyson. When I set off on this task, I didn't realize how much work it would be. With how often we are taking these pictures, we have gotten into a pretty good rhythm to get them done cute and timely. What else could a mama ask for? Here are a few tips! 
Personalized Wooden Photo Prop Blocks
  1. Get babe dressed in whatever you want them to wear right before their nap. That way when babe wakes - they are happy and ready to go! You may need to feed before the photos, so just make sure you have a burp rag handy! 
  2. Decide where you want your picture to be taken. I personally find it helpful to be near a light source - preferably a window. You can avoid shadows on baby's face if you have them facing towards the window/light source. This doesn't mean they need to be RIGHT next to the light. A little distance can be great! 
  3. Be flexible. You may not get the exact face you were hoping for. That is okay! There are funny faces, sad faces, and adorable faces of your baby that you won't want to forget. Sometimes the imperfect is just as special - if not more. 
  4. Roll with the punches! Recently Greyson has found that it's more fun to take the blocks and play with them! Obviously that isn't what I would like for him to do. I have found that you have to get a little creative with the placement of baby and the blocks. And its helpful to give them an extra block to play keep-away with :) Often times that gets us some of my favorite giggling pictures! 
  5. Try to take the pics in under 10 minutes. You're baby may get tired, and you might get overly stressed if you try to do any more than this. I find that 5-10 minutes is all we ever need.
  6. ENJOY it. Laugh with baby, talk to baby, kiss baby. 

Chelsea Frandsen Photography and Smiling Tree Toys Photo Prop Blocks

Taking these weekly pictures has become so special to us. When I'm getting ready to share the images, my husband and I chat about what fun things Greyson did that week. While taking the weekly pictures may seem overwhelming - for us it has been 100% worth it. I love looking back at each week and seeing his new developments, likes, dislikes, and habits. 
Enjoy all those moments with your babes! 
Good luck mamas!

Chelsea Frandsen
Smiling Tree Toys Newborn Baby Photography Prop Blocks
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