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A Look Back at 2021 - Top Names, Product Launches, Planting Trees

As we say a final good-bye to 2021, I thought it was fitting to reflect on what a year it's been. 

2021 brought on a new set of challenges and obstacles, but through it all, I am proud to say that Smiling Tree Toys is rounding out the year on a greener, more inclusive, positive note.

Here are a few highlights: 

Each year we engrave thousands of toys with baby names. Here are the ones we kept seeing time and time again through 2021.

Top Boy Names: 

1. Henry

2. Liam

3. Oliver 

Top Girl Names:

1. Olivia

2. Amelia

3. Ava 

This past year we launched a limited edition 'Love All' collection that just might be my favorite one yet. We wanted something that celebrated race inclusivity, justice and, well, love. While several of the products are no longer available, these two still are:

1. Love All Puzzle

Love All Puzzle

2. Love All Wall Bunting

Love All Bunting

As most of you know, STT has always planted trees with every item purchased. 2021 was no exception. This year alone - thanks to your help - we planted 24,472 trees. 

We also went plastic-free which was a HUGE goal of ours. Back in August, after months of research, trial and error and troubleshooting, we finally announced that our packaging is 100% plastic-free. Now, every element of our packages - down to the hang tags, boxes and stickers - can be recycled and are biodegradable. Whoop whoop! 

New Packaging

I must say, though, as fun as it is reminisce on the past year, I am looking forward to 2022 and all the things it has to bring. Here's to a healthy, happy, productive and fulfilling new year, friends. 

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