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Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

I'll be the first to admit, baby showers can be tricky. Even after 4 kids of my own, I still find myself struggling to find the *perfect* shower gift. As a crunchy mom myself, I always tend to lean towards all natural, non-plastic, heirloom quality pieces that are sustainable and will last for years after baby's birth.

Okay, so now you see why I have a hard time finding gifts, right?!? And I'd be lying if I didn't say it's this struggle that helped fuel (and continues to fuel) Smiling Tree Toys  and the passion behind it.

To make gifting even trickier, it's becoming more and more popular for expecting parents to keep their new bundle of joy's name, and sometimes even gender, a secret until AFTER he/she is born. Without those vital details, choosing a personalized gift is nearly impossible.

Top Baby Shower Gifts 

But never fear! This precise situation is why we offer a wide range of gender-neutral, non-customized (but still adorable) gifts that expecting mamas and new babies will love and cherish.

Wood Block Sets

Block sets are the ultimate shower gift, especially if the expecting mama hasn't disclosed the gender or name of her little one. And we have a wide range of options that are sure to be used for years to come. 

Our best selling alphabet sets come in three variations: picture alphabet blocks, animal alphabet blocks and plain alphabet blocks. Each adorable set comes engraved with an uppercase and lowercase letter and can be bundled with a personalized toy crate for easy storage – mama approved! 

Another block set that caters to the Facebook/Instagram mama is our photo prop blocks. The basic 4-piece set is a well-loved addition to those monthly (or weekly or daily), baby pictures that every new mom loves to post.

block sets

On *just* about every baby registry is some sort of teething toy, and Smiling Tree Toys wooden teethers check all the boxes. Naturally antibacterial, non-splintering, and non-toxic, our teethers are completely natural without any oils or finishes applied. And let me tell you, the mom-to-be will appreciate it when the teething phase rolls around! 
While it might be a challenge to gift a letter teether, not knowing the baby's name (unless you want to use the last name instead), we have more than enough shapes and states to choose from. 

Choose from 10+ different state shapes, several animal options (like a dino, fox or elephant) or a variety of objects (like a camera, cell phone or guitar). 

Smiling Moon Balancer

You'll find elegance, education and all-natural wood tones in our smiling moon balancer. This handmade balancing toy doubles as both an adorable décor piece in baby's nursery AND provides hours of play-based learning as child develops fine motor skills. Plus, these are just as precious non-personalized as they are with a name engraved! 

smiling moon balancer


If you know the nursery theme or want to gift a piece of décor, a wall bunting can be the perfect gender-neutral gift. We have several options that are amazing for nurseries and kiddos in general: Lets Read, alphabet, Once Upon a Time, and Sweet Dreams are all favorites among new parents. Or, if none of those are fitting the bill, you can also create-your-own bunting with any personalized phrase. 

Gift Card

There's a reason gift cards continue to be one of the most popular gifts each year - everyone loves them! They take the pressure off you if you're scrambling to find a gift AND gives the new mama freedom to pick out an item(s) she's been eyeing for awhile. 

gift card options
All in all, let us help you take the pressure off finding a baby shower gift that hits all the marks. Whether you know the gender or name of the little one or not, Smiling Tree Toys has keepsake baby gifts both mama and little one will adore.
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