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3 Developmental Benefits of a Personalized Name Puzzle

When choosing which toys to place in front of our kids, the options are daunting. 

If you're anything like me, before you swipe the card, press 'complete order' or rip off the price tag on that new toy, you're probably asking yourself a hundred questions.

Will this toy last? Is it too stimulating? Is it not simulating enough? Do we have room for another 'thing'? Is this the right toy for the age and skill level of my kid? The list goes on...

And at Smiling Tree Toys, we understand that for as much thought and consideration we put into making toys, you also put that same effort into deciding which ones to purchase. 

So let's ease some of that stress and dive into 3 ways our Spell-Well Name Puzzles are not only sustainably made and high quality, but also developmentally beneficial for your little ones. 

Name Recognition & Spelling

Okay, okay. I know, this one seems like we're cheating. But as obvious as it might be, you can't underestimate how crucial it is for your little one to see the letters of their name and practice matching them in the correct order. 

This will help them learn how different letters sound, what they look like and, ultimately, how to piece them together to form a name, their name. 

A puzzle is a hands-on way to approach spelling, basic reading and memorization, which is the foundation for many skills to come!

personalized name puzzle

Fine Motor Skills

As with any puzzle, one of the biggest benefits is working on developing or fine tuning fine motor skills. 

It's almost like you can see the wheels spinning when you watch your child flip, slide and twist each letter until it finds the correct space.

And even when they don't quite fit the pieces back together, you can breathe easy knowing that the simple nature of picking the letters up, dumping them out and moving them around is great for hand-eye coordination and the skills of grasping and grip strength. 

personalized name puzzle

Self Esteem

If you think you're proud when your child is able to match the letters with their correct spaces, your kiddo is equally proud of themselves! 

Their little face with light up as you sing their praise after successfully completing the puzzle, and you'll know that they aren't just getting away from screen time or other mindless toys. They're also getting a major confidence boost. 

They'll soon learn to recognize that feeling of satisfaction of having your positive reinforcement, a job well done and a completed puzzle. 

personalized name puzzle

So, in conclusion, don't let your child miss out on so many of the developmental benefits a Spell Well Name Puzzle can provide. 

They'll love learning from and using their puzzle. You'll love knowing that they are both having fun AND becoming smarter doing it. It's a win, win, mama! 

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