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5 Montessori-Inspired First Birthday Gift Ideas

First birthdays are magical and unforgettable. Our wooden toys for one-year-olds are montessori-inspired keepsake toys they'll never forget. In true Smiling Tree Toys fashion, they’re personalized, heirloom quality, and loved by both kiddos and their parents.

If you’re looking for montessori-inspired first birthday gift ideas for the crunchy mama in your life, we’ve got you covered!

TLDR; We even have a section on our website specifically for first birthday toys and keepsakes! You can find it here.

Below you’ll find a handful of fun and sentimental first birthday gifts that tree huggers will love!

5 Montessori-Inspired First Birthday Gift Ideas

Spell Well Name Puzzle

Spell Well Name Puzzle personalized wooden educational toy puzzle birthday gift nursery decor toddlers preschoolers @alysha.gabrielle Smiling Tree Toys

A fan favorite is our Spell Well Name Puzzle! This toy is completely customizable for up to nine letters and you can add shapes, as well as engrave a special message on the back of the puzzle. Consider adding your little one’s birthday or a quote that they’ll feel inspired by as they grow?

The possibilities are endless.

Not only is this a neat gift that your one-year-old can cherish for years to come, but the puzzle helps coordination and critical thinking and problem-solving, which makes it the perfect toy for play based learning. Personalize yours today!

My Year of Firsts Keepsake Block

A Year of Firsts keepsake block one year old first birthday gift boy or girl engraved wood decor @nmickle_ Smiling Tree Toys-5

Our My Year of Firsts Keepsake Block is one of the sweetest commemorative blocks you can personalize for a first birthday gift! Choose from eight different firsts to customize each of the four block sides, ranging from first tooth to first steps!

The combinations are endless for this gorgeous wooden block, hand-engraved with love by us. 

Each block is one of a kind for the little one in your life and can be displayed for years to come.

Check out our whole range of Keepsake Blocks!

Shape Sorter


Something we love is that special look children get in their eyes when something clicks and they learn and retain a new skill! It’s like you can see how proud they are of themselves *insert heart eyes emoji*.

With our wooden Shape Sorter,that's exactly what you'll experience when your little one matches each of the shapes to the correct hole.

The shape sorter can be personalized with any name you’d like to make it even more special, though we’ve seen lots of parents engrave their last name to make the toy a family heirloom for all the children and grandchildren to come.

Aside from being a fun puzzle game for playtime, it helps with your little one’s development as well.

It’s seriously a great gift for a child’s first birthday!

Square Stacking Toy

Square Stacker wood stacking toy for babies and toddlers educational gift for babies birthday gift for one year olds Smiling Tree Toys

Another toy you can personalize with any name, our Square Stacking Toy is a gift that’s fun and educational for the little one’s in your life. With this wooden toy, they can learn patterns and sizes while playing.

What could be better than that?

Each Square Stacking Toy has five colors that are all natural and safe colors of wood. This fantastic toy is always flying out of our woodshop, so make sure you grab yours today.

Personalized Name Blocks

Personalized Name Blocks classic wooden block set alphabet letter recognition one year olds birthday Christmas gift for toddlers @klajean Smiling Tree Toys

Our Personalized Name Blocks are the epitome of unique because you can get any amount of blocks to spell out whatever name you’d like, plus shapes!

These beautiful blocks are engraved on both sides and come in a variety of wood types.

Because of their uniqueness, this is a gift for one-year-olds that will continue to grow and evolve with the child in your life.

From a nursery decoration to a fun toy that improves hand-eye coordination, any little one and crunchy mama will love a set of Personalized Name Blocks.

How To Request Plastic-Free Toys

Mama, I know it’s tough to keep plastic out of your home. I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to sound picky or difficult by asking for plastic-free toys. After all, you’re looking out for the safety of your child and our environment.

That said, if you’re unsure about how to ask for wooden toys without sounding ungrateful for anything else, I’ve got you covered with a FREE GUIDE on How To Request Plastic-Free Toys! It even has a range of discount codes for a variety of products.


In the same breath, if you’re requesting wooden, eco-friendly toys, you’ll want your little one’s first birthday party to give off the same vibe, right?

Promoting safe parties for your child that are environmentally friendly and plastic-free can be done with more than just the toys. Check out my free party-planning checklist for some guidance.

I can’t wait to see what toys you pick out for the one-year-old in your life. Happy shopping!

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