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5 New Baby Gifts Tree Hugging Parents Will Love

It’s always a mystery trying to find the best baby gift, right? And it’s an even bigger mystery attempting to find one that would please even the crunchiest of parents.

You know… A new baby gift that is safe, plastic-free,and environmentally friendly.

So if you’re shopping for a little one who has tree huggers for parents, then you’ve come to the right place! As a crunchy mom myself, I am proud to say Smiling Tree Toys has a ton of wooden toys that babies and kids will love (and toys that will make your shopping plans so much easier!).

I know, I know. You might wonder how wooden toy-makers can also be tree huggers? 

It’s simple! Because we love the earth and we want to provide children with keepsake toys that will last for years to come. And we can do this while also making the earth greener for kids to come by planting a tree for every single toy sold (as of this very second, we have planted 41,062 trees!) and most of our toys are made from American grown, sustainably harvested solid hardwoods. 

You can learn more about how we make Earth Day Every Day here.

Let’s get into what you’re really here for…

New baby gift suggestions!

5 New Baby Gifts Tree Hugging Parents Will Love

Wooden Alphabet Teether

Alphabet Letter Teether personalized natural wood keepsake gift for teething babies Smiling Tree Toys @klajean

Our Wooden Alphabet Teethers allow you to personalize any letter of the alphabet for the little one in your life! Once the baby you’re shopping for grows out of the teething phase, they can keep this lovely wooden heirloom as a sentiment of their childhood.

Check out these amazing teethers here.

Personalized Name Blocks

Name Blocks personalized woode block set name recognition motor skills Smiling Tree Toys

Another uniquely personal and custom baby gift that you can snag is a set of wooden personalized name blocks. Create your very own set with upper and lowercase letters, a variety of wood types, and additional add-on blocks including hearts and ampersands. A bonus is that they can add a bit of style and personalization to an eco-conscious nursery!

Spell Well Name Puzzle

Spell Well Name Puzzle educational wooden toy gift for newborn baby shower personalized message Christmas wood handcrafted in USA @a_utumnskye Smiling Tree Toys

A fan favorite (and rightfully so!). Our Spell Well Name Puzzles are something the little on in your life will want to keep for life. You can customize these up to nine letters or seven letters with an added shape.

For an extra special touch, you can engrave a message on the back of the puzzle.

Our Spell Well Name Puzzles make a fantastic gift, all year around because they double as a learning tool!

Personalize yours today.

Keepsake Girl's/Boy's Block

Keepsake Boys Birth Block newborn baby gift personalized with birth stats Smiling Tree Toys @herhappylittleworld

If you’re looking for a sweet and thoughtful gift that the crunchy mama in your life will cherish forever, look no further than our Keepsake Girl's or Boy's Block.

This customizable keepsake block can have your little one’s birth details on it from where they were born to their weight and length.

Heart Rattle

Wooden Heart Rattle Present For One Year Old Smiling Tree Toys Wooden Toys

If you’re looking for a simple and cute gift, then our wooden Heart Rattle is for you!

Our heart-shaped wooden rattles can be personalized with the name of your choice. They will serve as a reminder to your baby that they will always be loved.

Other Fun Ideas

We have a huge selection of wooden toys that are segmented out by age! No matter who you’re shopping for, we have something for everyone.

Remember... When you buy a toy from Smiling Tree Toys, you give back to the earth and you give a gift that will last a lifetime.

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