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NEW | Photography Prop Baby Age Blocks

Babies grow so much in their first year of life. They go from little bundles of joy completely dependent on you for their every need, to hesitant toddlers anxious to explore their independence. One of my favorite things as a mother is to look back on how my babies changed that first year. For each of my three kids, I took photos on a regular basis documenting just that! With my youngest, Kai, I used Smiling Tree Toy's Photography Prop Age Blocks to take photos each month. I started when he was just a day old and we were getting discharged from the hospital, and continued it all the way through his first year.

Chelsea Fransden shared extremely helpful advice for taking baby's photos, because let's face it, they don't always cooperate! If I learned anything, it's to just go with it. When I stopped try to make every shot perfect, I ended up really capturing my son's spirit. Not only that, but it also showed where he was at developmentally at that point in his life. For instance, around 9 months, he was crawling all over the place and I couldn't get him to pay attention for any length of time, much less to capture a photo! Looking back now, this turned out to be one of my favorite monthly photos! It's so HIM

Chelsea Frandsen's Photography Prop Age Blocks

Photo Prop Age Blocks

Our set of Photo Prop Blocks is available in three variations:

  • BASIC (4-piece set): includes three 1.5" cubes, which makes numbers 0-54 and includes a heart shape, and one rectangular block with "days, weeks, months, and years" engraved on each side.
  • LOVED/BLESSED (5-piece set): includes everything in the BASIC set, plusx a second rectangular block engraved on two sides: "Loved" on one side and "Blessed" on another.
  • PERSONALIZED (5-piece set): includes everything in the BASIC set, but you get to personalize a second rectangular block with child's name (or anything you choose!).

Kai's First Year using Smiling Tree Toys Photography Prop Age Blocks

I went with the Loved/Blessed Set and decided to take monthly photos. I tried to do this on the 11th of each month (his birth date), but let's face it, life happens and as long as I was within a week I call that a win! I tried to do the same set up: I always took the photos in Kai's nursery and included his baby blanket. Sometimes I threw in a few other toys to keep him occupied long enough to snap the photo. Occasionally Kai's brother and sister helped me out, too, but for the most part I just set up the blocks appropriately and rolled with it. Honestly, I LOVE having these keepsake photos and reminiscing. They grow so fast!

I even threw in a couple from the "Countdown Blocks" too a few weeks before Kai's first birthday!

Countdown Photo Prop Blocks 

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