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Start-to-finish: Name Puzzle

A question we often get is, "how do you make your [insert product name]?". 

So, in this series we'll show you all the thought, work and craftsmanship that goes into our toys; starting with our best-selling Spell Well Name Puzzles.

The Making of a Personalized Name Puzzle

Phase 1:

Naturally, the very first step is receiving an order for a puzzle – which is where you come in! Our puzzles are perfect for first birthdays, special holidays, new baby gifts, or any other occasion you are needing a keepsake gift for. 

Typically, within just 24-48 hours of the order being placed, the puzzle goes into production. Because of this quick turnaround time, it's super important to reach out to us RIGHT away if you notice an error on your order so we can correct it before it's too late.

After receiving the order, the puzzle is laid out in our design software and sent to our laser engraver to be cut out of large sheets of walnut wood by Penny, our order fulfillment wiz. 

personalized name puzzle

Once the pieces are cut, Justin will do the first initial rough sand by hand and then out to the wood shop they go... 

personalized name puzzle

Phase 2:

Out in the shop is where the final product begins taking shape, and it starts with gluing the front and back together. The wood glue we use is non-toxic and not exposed on the finished toy, so don't worry, it's totally safe for your kiddos. 

personalized name puzzle

Once the front and backs are together, they get clamped and set aside for a couple of hours while the glue dries and sets. 

Phase 3:

After the glue has dried, off come the clamps and onto the next round of sanding they go. 

Justin (and all the guys in the shop) tediously make sure that every curve, edge and ridge is sanded into smooth perfection. We never want our toys to be rough or unsafe for little ones, so each puzzle goes through multiple rounds of sanding until it meets our [very high] standards.

personalized name puzzle

Phase 4:

After the puzzles are sanded until they are buttery smooth, it's time for oiling. For this step we use our own blend of beeswax and jojoba oil that's safe for kids, certified organic and doesn't put any color or odor onto the wood. 

If you're curious how we make it, here's a full tutorial

personalized name puzzle

Phase 5:

There's only a few more steps to complete until your personalized puzzle is in your hands and ready to be loved. 

When the oil has dried, the puzzles get one last wipe down before the maple letters and/or cherry shapes are added. Then we carefully double check the back message to make sure it matches exactly how you ordered it.

personalized name puzzle

The last steps are to prepare your puzzle – and any other items that may have caught your eye – for shipping with our plastic-free packaging, print the shipping label and send it on it's way. 

So there you have it! A step-by-step guide of our Spell Well Name Puzzles as they go from a sheet of walnut wood to a sleek, adorable, classic name puzzle made just for your little one. 

personalized name puzzle

Check out this video that shows the entire process and follow us on Instagram and TikTok for more BTS content!

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