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The most beautiful thing about transforming your memories into something tangible - that will withstand the test of time - is that you’re making or buying beautiful keepsakes what will matter to your family and yourself in the future.
Today on the blog, we're sharing how modern moms can indulge in memory keeping without compromising style or time.
When creating my sons' nursery, I knew that I wanted the room to epitomize three things: curiosity, tranquility, and joy. So, I thought to myself, what is the ONE thing I want to utilize through his childhood that can produce such feelings? The answer: books.
Smiling Tree Toy's Keepsake blocks continue to be among our best sellers, and for good reason. Handcrafted in our family's wood shop on the Minnesota Prairie, and using only the highest quality sustainable products, these blocks will be treasured by your loved ones for decades to come. 
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New HeartFELT™ Push Toys featuring 100% real wool felt inlays on our wood toys, handmade and personalized by Smiling Tree Toys!
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New from Smiling Tree: decorative wall BUNTINGS! Much thought was given to this collection to include options for every season, occasion, and room in your home. Beautifully designed engraved accents accompany inspiring phrases to add a special touch to your home or holiday decor. 
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Smiling Tree Toys Keepsake Blocks
Ourgirl andboy birth blocks andbaptism blocks have been so popular we added a few new options to the mix! Thesekeepsake blocks are perfect as a series or can stand alone on their own as well. Each block is beautifully handcrafted and completely personalized to your specifications.
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We could not be more excited to announce the addition of our line ofSMILING TREE HOME products! We really put months of blood, sweat, and maybe even a few tears into developing these beautiful new heirloom pieces, available just in time for the holidays.

Introducing Smiling Tree HOME | Personalized Cutting Boards, Decor, Ornaments + More

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