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I've been meaning to switch our household over to organic foods for a while now, but something always seems to block my efforts. Convenience is the biggest obstacle for me. Like most families, I'm always in a hurry and have both limited time and a limited budget. Basically, if there are two products on the shelf, one organic and the other not, I would always choose the organic one. Anything beyond that was asking too much. But no more: I hereby declare 2014 the year we finally go organic!

New Year's Resolution | Going Organic
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Small Business Saturday is just a few days away. We pride ourselves on being a family owned business and the fact that we create all our toys right here in our little corner of the Minnesota prairie. This Small Business Saturday, we'd like to give you an inside peek at what daily life is like for us right in the midst of our busiest time of the year!

Justin, Kathleen, & Amana 

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GIVING BACK | Camp GLOW project (Zambia, East Africa)

You know that little blurb you see in our Etsy shop and on our packaging that says "circling the earth with smiles: we donate to worldwide youth development projects for every toy sold"?   Well here's your chance to learn more about the good things that your Smiling Tree purchases support!  We're excited to share some pictures and details of Camp GLOW - the Peace Corps project in Zambia, east Africa that we supported during 2011.  The following was written by the Peace Corps Volunteer who coordinated the project:
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